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andria and chris
Posted on 2009.08.10 at 22:06
Current Location: US, Ohio, Hamilton, Cincinnati, Gilbert Ave, 2052

Long time no post :)

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No one faint!

Posted on 2008.07.22 at 09:19
I feel: hungryhungry
Yep I'm updating....it's been like a year lol. I'm surprised I still have an account.

So What's everyone been up to?

Let's see with me--alot!

~Bought a home
~My sister Margaret is pregnant and due in Sept
~My cousin Amanda is pregnant with her 4th child and due in Nov
~And tomorrow I have a dentist appt so he can refer me to get these stupid wisdom teeth out!!

What's new with you?


Happy Birthday!

Posted on 2007.09.24 at 07:25
Happy Birthday [Unknown LJ tag] Hope you have fun and stay safe :*

andria and chris


Posted on 2007.08.18 at 17:48
Take the Transformers Quiz

andria and chris
Posted on 2007.07.23 at 22:30

Sort me!

Loyal. Dependable. True. Just.

What an honor to be sorted into Hufflepuff! The house based on values and virtues over simply deeds. Not that the Hufflepuffs don't do anything worthwhile, it's just that here importance is based more on how you are, not what you do. Hufflepuff is all about acceptance. Since when is that a bad thing?

In Hufflepuff, there is a fallacy that the members are simply average, not good enough to get into the other houses. This is most definately not so. Just because Hufflepuff doesn't discriminate against people for not being good enough (or brave, smart, and ambitious enough), does not mean that the entire house is full of wimps, as people seem to think. While, yes. hard-workers are most likely to enter Hufflepuff, this does not mean there aren't other qualities. The fact that Helga Hufflepuff will take "all the rest" can and is seen as a bad thing, by some.

A Hufflepuff is loyal to their friends, trustworthy and patient, and often hard-working. One need not to fit all the criteria of a house to belong it it, nor not have any of the other House's values.

Last, I hope I need not remind you of Cedric Diggory, the one champion chosen for Hogwarts, over all the cunning Slytherins, brave Gryffindors, and clever Ravenclaws. You'd do good not to doubt Hufflepuff.

twew love

I Now Pronounce You Mr and Mrs Shwarz

Posted on 2007.07.18 at 11:46
I feel: happyhappy

left to right:
"sperm doner", Momma, Marge (the Bride), Greg (the groom), Maria, Jay, and Liz

I wish I were there!

SWEET im texting on lj. Yep its official Im a dork. :p

andria and chris


Posted on 2007.07.03 at 21:24
Transformers was AWESOME!!!!!

I highly recommend it. But thats all I'll say b/c I don't want to give anything away.

Gotta work tomorrow but then it's off to Aunt Mel's for some Fourth of July goodness.

It's supposed to rain but I hope that the Weather Man is wrong as usual.

Have fun and be safe tomorrow!

andria and chris


Posted on 2007.07.03 at 11:22
The stupidinternet has been screwy and I have'nt been able to be on so if there's something you wanted me to see or comment on say so here or forever hold your peace.

So I spoke with Jacinda and said that I didn't think it was fair that b/c Gary gets EVERY Friday off that means I work 8am-8pm so I DO NOT want to close on Saturday and if its my Sunday to work then be there as well! That is literally all freaking weekend! She totally agreed so we spoke with him and he said that he agrees but this is the schedule he was promised. So we worked it out that until she beings in another license---we would switch everyother Friday and whoever is off Friday has to close Saturday.

I requested the First off which was a Sunday and next Sunday off cuz that's my anniversary (yep we've made it to the first year with absolutley no FIGHTING--not that thats new we never fight) and since I had to work my wedding day I will never again work on my anniversary! But that means I have to work the fourth of July.

We're going over his Aunt Mels for the 4th of July festivities b/c they already had three b-b-qs that I have not been able to attend b/c of the sutpid work schedule I have....so at the bday party Sunday she made me promise we would go.

I told my sister in law, Debbie that I would babysit my six month old nephew Danny so I could take him to my nieces eighth bday party on Sunday. Well Sunday morning at like seven am Isabelle Annalee arrived (my cousin and her hubby's 3rd baby and the Adorables' new baby sister) I told Mandy that when she had baby #3 I would take her kids b'c I knew a two year old and a three and a half year old would not like sitting in a hospital room all night.

You should have seen JOshy's face when we went to pick them up! He said "You got a baby too!!! Where did you get that one?"

So yeah I went from NO children to THREE over night! We took three kids to that party! It was grest but no one at the party knew we were bringing them. We just got out of the car with three kids!! Hahahaha that was funny. I just hope it doesn't make Chris not want any! He is so HOTT with kids!

Well Im off to clean my home considering it looks like a war zone from all those little people!

Have a great day, all!

andria and chris

This is true!

Posted on 2007.06.29 at 07:23
You Are Totally Like Your Mom

You and your mom are practically clones.
You think alike, and you even seem to read each other's minds.
You're definitely you're mother's child... and that's just fine with you.
Are You Like Your Mom?

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